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Male Peristeam


Experience an ancient therapeutic Lingham steam practiced in various cultures around the world. Similar to a "Yoni" Steam, which has become a popular item again amongst women, this steam is designed for men.

It is notably connected to the Emperors of China as a very therapeutic treatment for Prostate Support, Erectile issues, Hemorrhoids, etcetera, and has been revered for centuries as an overall healthy, restorative treatment for men in various cultures around the World.    


The benefits are a gentle stimulating detox designed specifically for men. Through incorporating warm steam (not scalding steam), this treatment opens up the capillaries and blood vessels, encouraging more blood flow to the penile tissue and male sexual organs, especially the prostate. This is a very safe, yet effective means of allowing the body to promote its own innate healing abilities.

Lingam Steaming is a wellness ritual with bountiful benefits because it is connected with your insight, energy, spirit, and passion.



Men who practice Lingam Steaming feel how the body improves and relaxes over the steam seat. This practice enforces a feeling of consciousness, allowing you to inhale, exhale, and let go. The sacral area is one area where the emotional and physical stress accumulates, so the feeling of peace makes it easier to flow.

Steaming is one of the easiest methods for both your physical and spiritual bodies to connect. When you practice lingam steaming, you're able to concentrate on your body, goals, and restoration.

Lingam Steaming promotes prostate health as it boosts blood and oxygen circulation into the pelvic area. This can stop growth, pain, and blockage of the prostate. Men who don't take care of this gland can experience benign prostatic hyperplasia, persistent urination, and prostatitis.


Many men suffer from hemorrhoids as a result of present-day hardship activities. The most common causes of having enlarged, swollen, and distended veins are sitting for a long time, liver toxicity, illness, and compression in the body.

If you experience rectum bleeding, regular illness, stomach issues, tension, and long-term discomfort, Lingam Steaming is a practice that you can benefit from.

Lingam Steaming is a practical, non-invasive treatment that can relieve pain, soothe itching, reduce soreness, and prevent sensitivity.

Lingam Steaming helps expel toxins from the body as it's a natural expectorant. Regular sessions can clean and purify the anal canal. Detoxification of this area is crucial for improving your well-being.

Lingam Steaming is a great way to ease swelling and improve elasticity of tendons and ligaments. Some studies suggest efficient doses of high heat can even increase the rate of muscle growth. Lingam Steaming can help to reduce minor aches and pains and free you to perform at your best. The herbs in Lingam steam are designed to penetrate the skin. After a Lingam Steaming session your penis skin will be smooth, supple, moisturized, and cleansed of impurities. A benefit your partner will truly enjoy.

Lingam Steaming is what your body and mind really require. Ideally steaming once a week is the time to stop moving, stop thinking, stop reacting, and just zone out. While steaming slow your breathing and free your mind. Let steam flow over your penis and anal canal and let the blood flow. Let the concerns of the day melt from your mind as your limbs loosen, muscles go slack, and endorphins work their magic.

Did you know that steaming actually increases your heart rate? Yes it does. As the skin heats up with the steam, your circulatory system works to rush blood to the surface of your skin to cool the body. This is safe and is harmless for healthy individuals. Overall you will feel relaxed, looser, happier and calmer.


POPULAR HERBS FOR LINGAM STEAMING (**Every Steam Blend is Formulated for the Clients Conditions.)

Saw Palmetto, Hydrangea Root, Horsetail, Cleavers, Cayenne (Capsicum fruit), Buchu, Pumpkin Seed, Gravel Root, Nettle, Uva Ursi, Couch grass, Cranberry, Ginger root, Cinnamon bark, Pippali fruit, Gingko Biloba leaf, Horse Chestnut, Butcher’s Broom root, Damiana leaf, Clove bud, Cardamom seed, Prickly Ash bark, and Yarrow flower.


In an herbal steam session, one sits on a comfortable low stool over steaming warm water infused with customized blend of herbs.
This is a natural and non-invasive way of absorbing the volatile oils through the skin directly into the bloodstream, and then around and through the body. The session is a private and relaxing experience where a man creates the space for him to tune out from the world, and tune within to himself and his inner sanctuary. The herbal steam blend brings gentle heat to the body and encourages oxygen-rich blood-flow to the pelvic bowl. This in turn can support preventing congestion, swelling and inflammation to the prostate. The prostate gland is located behind and below the bladder. If it becomes congested can lead to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostatis and frequent urination.


• Improve circulation to the genitals (longer, stronger, erection)
• Tighten and tone scrotum skin
• Shrinks enlarged prostate, improves prostate health
• Balance hormones and PH
• Increase motility and boost sex drive
• Prevents passing Bacteria Vaginosis (BV) back and forth between partners
• Ease Discomfort of Hemorrhoids
• Rids penis of foreign microorganisms
• Rids penis of foul odor
• Assists in overall penile health
• Flushes penis
• Slow assistance with penile growth
• Enhances libido
• Clears mucous membrane of foreign microorganisms
• Assists in Penile skin health
• Invites a sense of presence in the body
• Emotionally and energetically cleansing and purifying

The lingam in many ways is the male womb, it is the man’s ability to connect to his own divine wisdom, manifest his creative power, shed inner light into his darkest parts, and embrace his sexual animalistic being.




































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