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Our Expert

Kendrah Wilson MBA, LE, PF


To My Potential Client....

Based in St. Marys, this Black Woman Owned company, values the holistic wellness of the human being all while emphasizing self-care.

As healthcare professionals, the team understood to get to the “root” of conditions that plagued generations of their family, they would need to get involved in some roots---that being herbs.

We emphasize transforming and purifying the mind, body and soul, through meditation, using herbal blends, and optimizing self-care. Thebox:V'Jinga, LLC, was born.

Each ingredient is carefully selected to make a well-balanced blend of the finest herbs to benefit your wellness journey.

Our team has backgrounds as certified healthcare professionals, certified herbalist, licensed esthetician, and peristeam facilitator certification to bring knowledge-based and balanced experience.

In the St.Mary’s location, we specialize in Holistic healing from head to toe, inside displayed outward. Well, how? In aesthetic services

(Facials, skin analysis, waxing, male skincare), abdominal detoxing, abdominal massages, body contouring, herbal medicine,

peristeams (vaginal & lingam), and ionic foot detoxification.

One of our new specialty features is the “Aroma Tea Room”, where formulate herbal tea blends for all conditions while complimented with flavored local honey to compliment.

Our team devise herbal infused sacred spot cleansers, oils, salves, bath salts, sprays, towelettes for male & female. We're very excited that we Now Specialized in Male Skincare & Beard Services. 

Our Motto: 

"Either We Win or Learn, with God's guidance We will Never Lack nor Lose."

Kendrah Wilson

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